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Jonathan Slade

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time is a moving and evocative cycle of three songs for soprano, flute and piano. Written as a response to a personal journey through grief to acceptance, the music finds expression in three different poems in French, Italian and German, each representing a different time of the day.

Jonathan Slade's music is melodic and accessible for both performer and audience.

The Passage of Time is the first in the Aurea Capra Art Series, with artwork commissioned by leading artists. As well as a strikingly beautiful cover, each song is illustrated with an original artwork by Aimee Birnbaum, Member of the Royal Institute of Watercolour Artists.

This volume is an exquisite artistic collaboration between composer, artist and publisher.

Downloadable piano accompaniments and accompaniments recorded to commission by JOHN ALLEY

Downloadable accompaniments

senza solo



Aurea Capra produces high quality editions of music for flute. Our journey started when flautist and Powell Artist Elisabeth Parry stumbled across an archive of long-forgotten19th century Italian flute music and with her musical collaborator, pianist John Alley, became determined to bring it back to life. Other projects followed, initially with a focus on expanding the repertoire for two flutes and piano. 

With guiding principles of beautiful design as well as fine music at its heart, Aurea Capra Editions commissions original artwork from leading artists for some projects. Our aim is to entwine art and music so that one illuminates the other, creating music that is not just beautiful to play but also a treasure to own.

Acoustically recorded piano and flute backing tracks are available to download for each publication.

And why Aurea Capra? Well, that's another story.

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