Elisabeth Parry and John Alley

A Night at the Opera Act I

***** FIRST PRIZE *****


Two flutes and piano

Favourite opera arias arranged for two flutes and piano. Acoustically recorded piano and piano with flute 2 play-along tracks available to download. Standard: easy to intermediate.

Review, Chris Hankin, Just Flutes:

"An Opera Lover's Paradise!"

This is a wonderful book! All eight duets are classics that have been sensitively arranged to allow the melodies to take centre stage. Easy keys and a modest note range puts them well within the range of most players with the piano accompaniments of a similar standard. They also work well for two flutes. so the potential for enjoying this music either as someone new to the operatic repertoire or as a seasoned opera buff is huge. This another must buy! Paradise!

A Night at the Opera rev..jpg

Elisabeth Parry, Paul Edmund-Davies, John Alley

Briccialdi Portafoglio per i dilettanti



Two flutes and piano

A wonderfully melodic and virtuosic work for two flutes and piano. This new and fully revised edition of a little-known 19th century Italian gem is a great alternative to Doppler works for the same combinations.

Piano play-along tracks and rehearsal duo score are available to download.

Review, Chris Hankin, Just Flutes:

"This really is very lovely music!"

A great edition of a little-known Italian classic. Written in one movement, the variety of the writing expertly holds the interest. There are solos for both flutes, lovely lyrical melodies, dovetailing flutes in thirds and sixths through sparkling runs, a cadenza, a brief unaccompanied passage for flutes alone, and the usual virtuoso build-up to the grand finale. 

Briccialdi cover.jpg